Time Travel a pièces de l'algorithme

This algorithm was created by the developers of Machinecoin cryptocurrency in early 2016. Its development was led by the desire to create a brand new “mining ecosphere” for users of the above-mentioned coin. Currently, Time Travel is utilized by two cryptocurrencies. Its main feature is that it supports 40320 hashing algorithm combinations.

# Nom Prix 1 Heure 1 journée 1 semaine Capitalisation Volume (24h) Graphique (24h)
1 Bitcore BTX $2.32 -0.43% -0.34% 10.24% $36.12M $467.45K
2 Machinecoin MAC $0.02834 -0.17% -16.91% -6.58% $607.36K $1.24K