Lyra2REv2 a pièces de l'algorithme

This is the second version of the Lyra2RE algorithm developed for a cryptocurrency called Vertcoin. Just like the previous version, it is focused on two issues: power spent minimization and ASIC mining prevention. The algorithm meets these goals; however, it is definitely not the most popular among miners. At the moment, only two coins support it.

# Nom Prix 1 Heure 1 journée 1 semaine Capitalisation Volume (24h) Graphique (24h)
1 STRAKS STAK $0.2192 -0.10% -6.33% -13.71% $1.12M $4.86K
2 Galactrum ORE $1.37 -0.10% -1.44% 0.81% $2.13M $14.44K