Dagger-Hashimoto a pièces de l'algorithme

This is a combination of two algorithms, which was developed especially for the Ethereum platform. The Dagger part allows it to achieve memory-hard computation and memory-easy validation, while the Hashimoto part effectively prevents ASIC mining with the help of all existing and prospective devices created for this purpose. Additionally, the algorithm provides efficient block verification.

# Nom Prix 1 Heure 1 journée 1 semaine Capitalisation Volume (24h) Graphique (24h)
1 Ubiq UBQ $1.01 0.03% 3.73% 0.39% $41.62M $279.52K
2 DubaiCoin DBIX $4.60 -0.13% 3.00% 13.11% $10.28M $83.01K
3 VectorAI VEC2 $0.001193 0.15% 4.44% 6.63% $20.67K $10