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65,748,111,645 TRX
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TRON TRX cours et graphique

Prix de TRON aujourd'hui est $0.02223. Son offre actuelle est 65,748,111,645 TRX. Au cours du dernier jour les volumes d'échange sont à $97,125,939.

Tech Info

Is mineable -
Total supply 100,000,000,000 TRX
Launch date Sep 2017

Market Info

Prix $0.02223
Volume 24h $97,125,939
Change 24h 3.01%
Change 7d -1.87%
Change month -36.35%


Tron, as it is stated on their official website, is a blockchain-based operating system and a project whose goal is to create an infrastructure for a decentralized Internet. First of all, it is a platform for running decentralized applications which supports smart contracts, and an ecosystem built around this platform.

At first, Tron was running on Ethereum network, but in July 2018 they completely switched to their own token called TRX. At the moment they claim to support constant throughput of 2000 transactions per second.

Tron Foundation actively works with their community incentivizing users to become active members of a network. They launched accelerator for entrepreneurs alongside with Genesis Project with a budget of $2 billion to incentivize developers to create dApps on the platform. Within the project, the company will hold programming contests, hackathons, conferences, etc. After the network switch, which was called “Independence Day,” there was held an election of Super Representatives (SR). These are 3rd party companies that are responsible for some core functions of a network like a block generation and bookkeeping. Any coin holder could take part in the election and vote for his selected representative.

Cryptocurrency Symbole TRON Price Market cap Volume 24h
TRON TRX $0.02223 $1,461,375,994 $97,125,939

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Plate-forme Ethereum
Rank #12
$0.02223 (3.01%)
0.000003000  BTC

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1 TRX 0.02223 USD
5 TRX 0.1111 USD
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1 USD 44.99 TRX
5 USD 224.95 TRX
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20 USD 899.81 TRX
50 USD 2249.52 TRX
100 USD 4499.03 TRX
250 USD 11247.58 TRX
500 USD 22495.16 TRX
1000 USD 44990.33 TRX
2000 USD 89980.65 TRX
5000 USD 224951.64 TRX
10000 USD 449903.27 TRX