Tezos (Pre-Launch) (XTZ)

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$1.39 (4.76%)
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607,489,041 XTZ
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Tezos (Pre-Launch) XTZ cours et graphique

Prix de Tezos (Pre-Launch) aujourd'hui est $1.39. Son offre actuelle est 607,489,041 XTZ. Au cours du dernier jour les volumes d'échange sont à $1,670,460.

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Tech Info

Is mineable -
Launch date Jul 2017

Market Info

Prix $1.39
Volume 24h $1,670,460
Change 24h 4.76%
Change 7d -5.49%
Change month -34.23%


Tezos is a blockchain platform for smart contracts and dApps with its cryptocurrency token called XTZ. The two main features that distinguish it from competitors like Ethereum are its governance structure and tools to facilitate formal verification of smart contracts.

Its token holders govern Tezos i.e., any changes to the platform have to be approved by its members. Such a system should prevent hard forks of the platform as the whole community is involved in decision making. Furthermore, any developer can submit a proposal for an update of the protocol and it will later be voted on by Tezos token holders. The idea is, such governing system will help the system to evolve.

Formal verification is a technique that allows developers to verify that a smart contract code matches provided specification. It allows testing if a smart contract will behave as expected and avoid many common bugs. Tezos try to make formal verification easy for developers as the platform was designed to support this feature from the get-go.

Tezos ICO completed successfully in July 2017, though as of July 2018 the platform is yet still in beta stage. The reason is the major dispute inside the company that took place in the second half of 2017 - early 2018.

Cryptocurrency Symbole Tezos (Pre-Launch) Price Market cap Volume 24h
Tezos (Pre-Launch) XTZ $1.39 $847,029,056 $1,670,460

Tezos (Pre-Launch) (XTZ)

Rank #18
$1.39 (4.76%)
0.0002150  BTC

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Tezos (Pre-Launch) dollar américain
1 XTZ 1.39 USD
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1 USD 0.7172 XTZ
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20 USD 14.34 XTZ
50 USD 35.86 XTZ
100 USD 71.72 XTZ
250 USD 179.30 XTZ
500 USD 358.60 XTZ
1000 USD 717.20 XTZ
2000 USD 1434.40 XTZ
5000 USD 3586.00 XTZ
10000 USD 7172.00 XTZ