Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Rank #4
$569.42 (2.49%)
0.08792  BTC
17,302,050 BCH
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$555.59 $554.92 $381,088,437 $544.44 - $579.89

Bitcoin Cash BCH cours et graphique

Prix de Bitcoin Cash aujourd'hui est $569.42. Son offre actuelle est 17,302,050 BCH. Au cours du dernier jour les volumes d'échange sont à $381,088,437.

Tech Info

Algorithme SHA256
Proof type PoW
Is mineable +
Total supply 21,000,000 BCH
Launch date Aoû 2017

Market Info

Prix $569.42
Volume 24h $381,088,437
Change 24h 2.49%
Change 7d -0.75%
Change month -26.79%


Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a cryptocurrency for online payments. It was created as a hard fork of Bitcoin on August 1, 2017. Its main difference from the original is an increased size of a block, so a larger number of transactions can be stored in it. The change resulted in substantial lowering of transaction fees as well as in increasing of the speed of the network.

With the rise of the cryptocurrency market in 2017, it had become evident that Bitcoin, as it was, could not act as a payment method. Compared to its early days, transaction confirmation time along with the fees significantly increased. It might take up to days to settle a single transaction if the sender did not want to pay extra for it. What is more, any regular payment via Bitcoin required a fee that was equivalent to a double-digit amount in dollars. So when Bitcoin Cash fork occurred, it gained support from those in the community who believed that Bitcoin should be electronic cash for online payments, as it was originally intended.

By the time of writing this, Bitcoin Cash is the most successful Bitcoin fork with the fourth market capitalization size among all the cryptocurrencies, following only BTC, ETH, and XRP. Its closest contender among Bitcoin forks and analogs, Litecoin, is almost three times smaller in value despite having quite similar features that facilitate online payments.

Cryptocurrency Symbole Bitcoin Cash Price Market cap Volume 24h
Bitcoin Cash BCH $569.42 $9,852,179,514 $381,088,437

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Rank #4
$569.42 (2.49%)
0.08792  BTC

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Bitcoin Cash dollar américain
1 BCH 569.42 USD
5 BCH 2847.11 USD
10 BCH 5694.23 USD
20 BCH 11388.45 USD
50 BCH 28471.13 USD
100 BCH 56942.27 USD
250 BCH 142355.67 USD
500 BCH 284711.34 USD
1000 BCH 569422.67 USD
2000 BCH 1138845.34 USD
5000 BCH 2847113.35 USD
10000 BCH 5694226.70 USD
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1 USD 0.001756 BCH
5 USD 0.008781 BCH
10 USD 0.01756 BCH
20 USD 0.03512 BCH
50 USD 0.08781 BCH
100 USD 0.1756 BCH
250 USD 0.4390 BCH
500 USD 0.8781 BCH
1000 USD 1.76 BCH
2000 USD 3.51 BCH
5000 USD 8.78 BCH
10000 USD 17.56 BCH