Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Rango #15
$11.57 (1.42%)
0.001730  BTC
Capitalización de mercado
104,765,682 ETC
Monedas en el mercado
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$11.41 $11.61 $163,143,903 $11.57 - $11.61

Ethereum Classic ETC Gráfico de precios

Cotización del precio de Ethereum Classic para hoy es $11.57. Tiene actual suministro de 104,765,682 ETC y total volumen de intercambio de $163,143,903.

Tech Info

Algoritmo Ethash
Proof type PoW
Is mineable +
Total supply 101,119,929 ETC
Launch date Jul 2016

Market Info

Precio $11.57
Volume 24h $163,143,903
Change 24h 1.42%
Change 7d 3.21%
Change month -7.88%


Ethereum Classic (ETC) is a cryptocurrency and a blockchain platform for smart contracts and decentralized applications. It is a fork of cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH) that offers very similar functionality.

In June 2016 Ethereum’s Digital Autonomous Organization (which is, roughly speaking, a decentralized hedge fund for investing into dApps) was hacked, and more than $50 million worth of crypto assets got stolen. As a result, the price of ETH started going down as well as the trust of users in the cryptocurrency. Therefore, the majority of the Ethereum community voted in favor of a hard fork to return all the stolen funds to the investors. Though some members of the community considered such fork unacceptable according to the philosophy “Code is a law.” They stood on a principle that all the changes on a blockchain should be immutable in a decentralized economy. They continued on the pre-hard fork blockchain and called it Ethereum Classic.

At first, two of the protocols were identical to each other. However, in the following two years some changes took place in both of them. Notably, Ethereum moved from Proof Of Work to Proof of Stake algorithm and Ethereum Classic implemented a new monetary policy with a fixed cap on an amount of ETC coins.

As of July 2018, Ethereum Classic ecosystem is much smaller than Ethereum’s. Nevertheless, the crypto token is widely popular among cryptocurrency traders and enthusiasts.

Cryptocurrency Símbolo Ethereum Classic Price Market cap Volume 24h
Ethereum Classic ETC $11.57 $1,212,175,984 $163,143,903

Parent Project

Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Rango #15
$11.57 (1.42%)
0.001730  BTC

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1 ETC 11.57 USD
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1 USD 0.08643 ETC
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50 USD 4.32 ETC
100 USD 8.64 ETC
250 USD 21.61 ETC
500 USD 43.21 ETC
1000 USD 86.43 ETC
2000 USD 172.86 ETC
5000 USD 432.14 ETC
10000 USD 864.28 ETC