VeChain (VEN)

Platform Ethereum
Rank #19
$0.01334 (-6.57%)
0.000002000  BTC
Market Cap
55,454,734,800 VEN
Circulating Supply
Prev Open Volume 1 Day Range
$0.01428 $0.01306 $36,641,359 $0.01300 - $0.01369

VeChain VEN Price Chart

VeChain price for today is $0.01334. It has a current circulating supply of 55,454,734,800 VEN and a total volume exchanged of $36,641,359.

Tech Info

Is mineable -
Total supply 873,378,637 VEN
Launch date Jul 2017

Market Info

Price $0.01334
Volume 24h $36,641,359
Change 24h -6.57%
Change 7d 94.45%
Change month -99.30%


VeChain is a blockchain platform for enterprise companies. With their Blockchain-as-a-Service and Internet-of-Things solutions, they aim to provide secure and transparent ledger for businesses worldwide. VeChain solutions can be integrated into any stage of a product or service cycle thus a wide variety of different companies can utilize their technology. VeChain also positions themselves as an enterprise-oriented platform for creating dApps and ICOs.

Their portfolio includes companies from such industries: automobile, luxury goods, pharmaceuticals, liquor, retail, logistics, supply chain, food and cold storage and more.

Some use cases of the platform are:

  • Cold chains logistics. The solution enables tracking of every process throughout the products’ delivery and storage using IoT devices.

  • Healthcare. The production process and usage of medical devices can be tracked and then stored in a blockchain. It enhances a production process making it safer and more efficient as well as helps patients to securely store their biometrics data to share it with their doctors.

  • Luxury goods. VeChain provides brands with a set of tools for proving the authenticity of the products to customers and for monitoring sales in real time to conquer illegal trading.

  • Agriculture. The blockchain solution is utilized to collect data from sensors about soil and climate conditions in real time and then use it for decision making to improve the quantity and quality of agricultural products. The data is also can be used for certification of the products as organic and environmentally friendly.

Cryptocurrency Symbol VeChain Price Market cap Volume 24h
VeChain VEN $0.01334 $739,804,006 $36,641,359

Parent Project

VeChain (VEN)

Platform Ethereum
Rank #19
$0.01334 (-6.57%)
0.000002000  BTC

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VeChain US Dollar
1 VEN 0.01334 USD
5 VEN 0.06670 USD
10 VEN 0.1334 USD
20 VEN 0.2668 USD
50 VEN 0.6670 USD
100 VEN 1.33 USD
250 VEN 3.34 USD
500 VEN 6.67 USD
1000 VEN 13.34 USD
2000 VEN 26.68 USD
5000 VEN 66.70 USD
10000 VEN 133.41 USD
US Dollar VeChain
1 USD 74.96 VEN
5 USD 374.78 VEN
10 USD 749.57 VEN
20 USD 1499.14 VEN
50 USD 3747.84 VEN
100 USD 7495.69 VEN
250 USD 18739.22 VEN
500 USD 37478.45 VEN
1000 USD 74956.90 VEN
2000 USD 149913.80 VEN
5000 USD 374784.50 VEN
10000 USD 749569.00 VEN