Rank #15
$16.47 (1.11%)
0.002561  BTC
Market Cap
65,000,000 NEO
Circulating Supply
Prev Open Volume 1 Day Range
$16.28 $16.48 $199,343,897 $16.38 - $16.53

NEO Price Chart

NEO price for today is $16.47. It has a current circulating supply of 65,000,000 NEO and a total volume exchanged of $199,343,897.

Tech Info

Proof type PoS
Is mineable -
Total supply 100,000,000 NEO
Launch date Sep 2017

Market Info

Price $16.47
Volume 24h $199,343,897
Change 24h 1.11%
Change 7d 4.09%
Change month -3.88%


NEO is a blockchain platform for smart contracts and decentralized applications. They introduce three aspects of what they describe as “Smart economy”: digital assets, identity, and smart contracts.

NEO provides users with tools for digital assets trading and registration: it is possible to digitize a physical asset on NEO platform. Access to assets will be available through the use of digital identity, which will be verified by certificates issued under commonly used certificate models. However, most importantly, NEO provides its users with powerful tools for creating smart contracts and running decentralized applications.

While sometimes called “Chinese Ethereum,” NEO offers some unique features, most notable of which are:

  • Its Virtual Machine supports smart contracts written on popular programming languages like, for example, C++, Python, C#, and Java. On the contrary, to create smart contracts on Ethereum, a developer needs to master a specific language called Solidity.

  • Transactions speed of NEO can reach thousands of transactions per second.

  • It uses a cryptographic algorithm that is considered to be quantum computer proof.

  • It utilizes its consensus mechanism called dBFT instead of PoW or PoS.

There are two types of tokens on a platform: NEO and GAS. The first one can be used for voting on changes to the NEO network. The second one, GAS, is a currency with which users pay for smart contract execution.

Cryptocurrency Symbol NEO Price Market cap Volume 24h
NEO NEO $16.47 $1,070,241,744 $199,343,897

Parent Project


Rank #15
$16.47 (1.11%)
0.002561  BTC

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