Bitcoin (BTC)

Rank #1
$6430.97 (-1.39%)
1.00  BTC
Market Cap
17,288,575 BTC
Circulating Supply
Prev Open Volume 1 Day Range
$6521.62 $6444.41 $4,646,162,632 $6430.23 - $6460.33

Bitcoin BTC Price Chart

Bitcoin price for today is $6430.97. It has a current circulating supply of 17,288,575 BTC and a total volume exchanged of $4,646,162,632.

Tech Info

Algorithm SHA256
Proof type PoW
Is mineable +
Total supply 21,000,000 BTC
Launch date Jan 2009

Market Info

Price $6430.97
Volume 24h $4,646,162,632
Change 24h -1.39%
Change 7d 1.17%
Change month -4.04%


Bitcoin is the first digital currency that pioneered the use of blockchain technology as a decentralized ledger for transactions. Bitcoin introduced to the world a digital currency that is at the same time decentralized and trusted.

  • Decentralization means that the currency does not have a central authority which issues it or regulates its usage in any way.
  • Trust means that the users of the currency are certain that transactions written on the ledger are irreversible; and that an amount of currency on a one’s wallet cannot be changed unless he or she will be willing to make a transfer or give a third party access to the wallet.

Making this concept a reality, creators of Bitcoin revolutionized the market of digital currencies or, should we say, facilitated the inception of cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoin saw the world in 2009. For a first two years, it was embraced only by scientists, hackers, and enthusiasts. Slowly it started to gain recognition among the general public, then became hyped and promoted by celebrities and media. Inspired by Bitcoin, other projects based on blockchain technology began to appear. Some of them, like Ethereum or Ripple, were unique and brought to the market new breeds of distributed ledger applications. Some were digital currencies, but with innovative features for different use cases. Also, of course, plenty of digital currencies aimed to emulate the success of Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency Symbol Bitcoin Price Market cap Volume 24h
Bitcoin BTC $6430.97 $111,182,322,144 $4,646,162,632

Bitcoin (BTC)

Rank #1
$6430.97 (-1.39%)
1.00  BTC

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1 BTC 6430.97 USD
5 BTC 32154.85 USD
10 BTC 64309.71 USD
20 BTC 128619.42 USD
50 BTC 321548.54 USD
100 BTC 643097.09 USD
250 BTC 1607742.72 USD
500 BTC 3215485.43 USD
1000 BTC 6430970.87 USD
2000 BTC 12861941.73 USD
5000 BTC 32154854.33 USD
10000 BTC 64309708.66 USD
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1 USD 0.0001555 BTC
5 USD 0.0007775 BTC
10 USD 0.001555 BTC
20 USD 0.003110 BTC
50 USD 0.007775 BTC
100 USD 0.01555 BTC
250 USD 0.03887 BTC
500 USD 0.07775 BTC
1000 USD 0.1555 BTC
2000 USD 0.3110 BTC
5000 USD 0.7775 BTC
10000 USD 1.55 BTC